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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The wholeness can´t be assembled, and produced

The nature of the mind is the emptiness in which the things of the mind can exist, but the things are not the mind.

Because of this emptiness time and space begin to exist.

The brain, and the brain´s things, can cover an entire field of life; it is occupied by multifold problems. But the brain can´t catch the nature of the mind, because it only functions in division; logical analyzing in the one as different from the other, emotional evaluating in sympathy and antipathy, ethical in good and evil, religious in holy and profane, sexually in gender, the reality in the observer and the observed.

None of these parts can produce the wholeness. And yet the brain is occupied by putting the many contradictory parts together in order to produce the wholeness. Just like the thoughts the brain functions philosophical.

But the wholeness can´t be assembled, and produced. The sacred circle would in that case be broken.

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