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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Pilgrim in Rold Forest

Entrance. The most famous part of Rold Forest.

In Rebild you can enjoy a lunch at Madame Karen´s.

Right beneath the hills the sheep are enjoying a completely free life.

This is the house of the former, infamous Rold Forest poacher, Lars Kjær and his wife, Marie, the fortune teller.

Kovad´s bæk is the outflow of a larger number of springs in Stendalen, Rebild. This is an important spawning ground for sea trout.

This is an example of the many multiple-stemmed beeches, which is characteristic for Rold Forest. They are also called Trolls.

Ravnkilde spring. This place is holy, and unchanged. It has probably been worshipped for around 6000 years.

On the north side of Gravlev valley.

Probably the house of the owner of the horses above. Quite a nice place.

Gravlev village, and the church. The church has been build on the top of an ancient temple for the Nordic gods.

Gravlev spring at the foot of the church. Again an ancient place of worship. 

Water from Gravlev spring running out into Gravlev valley and the lake.

A good place for meditation. Gravlev church is one of the many powerplaces in Rold Forest.

In the churchyard the sculptur Anders Bundgaard is buried. This is one of his sculptures looking out over the valley.

Inside the church. It has probably looked like this since the Middle Ages. I can almost see the ghosts of my ancestors.

The pulpit. If you look at the image on the left you can see the text "Soli Deo Gloria." To me this is an example of synchronicity, since I have dedicated all my works "Soli Deo Gloria." I first recently discovered the same text on the pulpit.

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