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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Freedom from your perspective, the old, is truly an ethical life

Freedom from your perspective, the old, is truly an ethical life. It means that you have discrimination, and don´t pull your perspective down over others. But it doesn't mean, that the old is deleted, but that there is introduced a completely new dimension, where you are the old present in passive listening, where the old so to speak is made transparent in being and openness.

This is the necessity of  ruins, showing a traveling universal image in time:  the way of the ancestors.

You can also say, that where the old before was characterized by personal and collective images, which worked in sequences in past and future, then the old now is characterized by universal images, which work in synchronism with the Now.

It was this Karen Blixen described as the ancient, the original, and which she always was seeking as authenticity, autonomy, possibility, freedom and adventure. It is a return to the Now, to the timeless eternity.

It is the end, the beginning; following the thread back, back to the beginning.

As Rabindranath Tagore said: ”The light is young, the eternal ancient light; the shadows are a brief moment´s matter, they are born aged.”

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