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Sunday, October 1, 2017

If you are willing to break up, it is your own task to go out on the other side

It is extremely necessary to be aware of the words, the symbols, the images, which paralyse our thoughts.

To be aware of them and find out, whether you can reach beyond them, is of great importance, if you shall live in a creative way, without stagnating.

Therefore the philosophical counselor must gently bring the guest forward to realize, that language, and therewith the guest´s images of life, one´s concepts, opinions, ideas and images, are relative and not absolute. 

One must be brought forward to the realization, that any description not is the described; you can't talk about the truth or the things in themselves.

But what you can do is to point at the door, the voyage of discovery, the philosophical life-practice.

And if the guest is willing to break up, to move towards that door, then it becomes his own task to go out on the other side.

Therefore Plato also chose to let his dialogues stop here.