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I hold an MA in philosophy and a minor in psychology.

I have practiced yoga and meditation since 1985 and have during this period developed the concept of Meditation as an Art of Life, which I have written eight books on (read more).

The teaching is developed on the background of an awakening of kundalini, and the following years of spiritual crises. This has caused a critique of New Age, and its infringement of tradition, preparatory work and experiences with such. The critique is therefore not a part of the modern skeptical movement (which doesn´t understand that critical thinking is philosophy, and not science), but a defense of the original wisdom traditions. I have collected the critique under the title The Matrix Conspiracy.

So, I have somehow managed to create a philosophy and a teaching. This teaching could be said to be a mix between Nordic Shamanism, Christian Mysticism, and Tibetan Dream Yoga. But I only refer to myself as a philosopher, and not a shaman, mystic or guru. I don´t take in clients or students, nor do I offer workshops, talks, or any other kind of public appearance. I only express myself through my writings.

What I want to share, is my experiences of dangers and pitfalls on the spiritual path, as well as the solutions I have developed out of distress. 

An overall covering label for the intention of my work is The Peter Pan Project.

Today I live like a monk in Rold Forest, Denmark. Here I´m involved in a deep meditation practice. My primary way of expression is, as mentioned, my writings, which I have made available on the internet for free downloading. These writings are characterized by my emphasis on the importance of philosophy in a spiritual practice. I try to make philosophy concrete by seeing it in relationship with storytelling and popular culture.

I also like to travel a lot. I see my journeys as an Art of Pilgrimage. You can follow my journeys on my photo blog The Visual Pilgrim.

I like to refer to myself as a philosophical globetrotter, life artist and idler. I campaign against the work ethics and promote liberty, autonomy and responsibility; in reality: the fine art of doing nothing. In this I take an anarchic approach to the everyday barriers that come between us and our dreams. So I´m in for spiritual anarchism, civil disobedience, and the right to be an idler (click here for Links to Idlers). 

Today I primarily write on this blog

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