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My Profile

I hold an MA in philosophy and a minor in psychology.

I have practiced yoga and meditation since 1985 and have during this period developed the concept of Meditation as an Art of Life, which I have written a series of books on (read more).

The teaching is developed on the background of an awakening of kundalini, and the following years of spiritual crises. This has caused a critique of New Age, and its infringement of tradition, preparatory work and experiences with such. The critique is therefore not a part of the modern skeptical movement (which doesn´t understand that critical thinking is philosophy, and not science), but a defense of the original wisdom traditions. I have collected the critique under the title The Matrix Conspiracy

After I realized that the crisis was a calling, and followed it, I finally found peace.

So, I have somehow managed to create a philosophy and a teaching. This teaching could be said to be a mix between Nordic Shamanism, Christian Mysticism, and Tibetan Dream Yoga. But I only refer to myself as a philosopher, and not a shaman, mystic or guru. What I want to share, is my experiences of dangers and pitfalls on the spiritual path, as well as the solutions I have developed out of distress. In this I offer shamanic/philosophical counseling (individuals) and philosophical salons (groups).

An overall covering label for the intention of my work is The Peter Pan Project.

I´m all in for bohemianism. I consider myself as a vagabond, or pilgrim, both in Rold Forest, Denmark, where I have, as Bruce Chatwin said, “a place to hang my hat”, and when I´m on the road. You can follow my vagabonding on my photo blog The Visual Pilgrim, and on Instagram. Also see my booklet The Art of Pilgrimage.

I like to refer to myself as a philosophical globetrotter, life artist and idler. I campaign against the work ethic (a religious, Protestant dogma, which capitalism is introducing worldwide, and which is making both people and environment sick) and promote liberty, autonomy and responsibility; in reality: the fine art of doing nothing. In this I take an anarchic approach to the everyday barriers that come between us and our dreams. So I´m in for spiritual anarchism, civil disobedience, and the right to be an idler (see my Links to Idlers).

When I meet people on the road, I often give them two short written messages. The one is a “business cart” with the message:

I´m vagabonding in order to try an alternative lifestyle, which gives me possibility for reflecting over questions such as:

How does man preserve peace of mind and balance in all the relationships of life? How do we learn to appreciate the true goods and flout all transient and vain goals? Is the destiny of Man part of a larger plan?

The other is a short booklet with a description of me and my teaching. I have it both in English and Danish. You can download it here:

Me and My Teaching (English)

Mig og min Lære (Danish)

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