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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

As long as we don´t understand the will to power, there will necessarily rule conflict

The images in time, both the personal and collective images (therefore the whole of mankind´s storeroom of belief and knowledge - the Akashic Records) are the common human structure of consciousness, the recognition-processes which form the inner calculator, the Ego, which is driven by the will to power.

And as long as we don´t understand the process of the will to power, where it works from our belief and knowledge, there will necessarily rule quarrel, conflict, sorrow, and humans will be turned against humans – and this is after all what we every day are witnesses to.

If you therefore as an Idler realize - that is to say: if you are enough aware - that this process forms yourself from a belief, as an expression of the desire for inner safety, then your problem isn´t that you should believe this or that, but that you should disentangle yourself from the desire after safety.

Can the mind then disentangle from the wish for safety?

This is the problem, and not what you should believe, or how much you should believe. That would only be an expression of the urge for philosophical safety; that is: being convinced about something, when you don´t have any philosophical life-teaching and practice, and everything else in world is uncertain.

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