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Monday, August 21, 2017

Reality is a being, which is middle, is fullness, is lying in light

In a condition of completely peace of mind you are in a condition of timeless being, where there can be created; that is to say: where the Ego is not present – or rather, where the ego has been made transparent in the objective source that created it, like a Lotus flower on quiet water mirroring the sun.

Then your being has become real.

Reality is a being, which is middle, is fullness, is lying in light.

The middle is the quality, which is lying in, that you not are decentralized, not are beside yourself, not away from the actual.

On the contrary you are in the middle of the actual, in the middle of the stream of life, where creation takes place.

[I wrote this post in the morning. When I at noon as usual took my hiking trip in Rold Forest, I discovered the first water lillies in lake Bregnesøen. Before choosing the above photo I had a look on Monet´s water lillies, and wondered if I should choose one of them. That´s what called the coincidence of progressive karma. You might say that it could be an experience followed by speculation. But progressive karma is experience followed by realization. It´s objective, not subjective.

Read about karma in my article What is Karma? 

Here is the photo I took in the forest:

On my Facebook profile you can follow my photos in the album called Pilgrim in Rold Forest.]

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Solidarity is much more important than sheer communication

Something of the most difficult is to communicate with another person.

We must linguistically communicate to each other, that is obvious, but it is for instance Martin Buber´s intention to show, that we can communicate on a much deeper plane; that is: not only linguistically, but in solidarity, where two parts meet on the same plane with the same intensity, with the same passion; only then there is real solidarity, and that is much more important than sheer communication.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The description, the image, is not the reality

When we understand that the word not is the real, that the description not is the described, the explanation not the explained, then the mind has released you from the word.

If you have created an image of yourself, then the image is pieced together by words, by thought-activity – the thought is the word.

You think about yourself as large, small, skillful, or as a genious, or whatever – you have an image of yourself.

This image can be described, it is the result of a description.

And this image has the thought created.

But the description, the image, is not the reality.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The cause of anxiety can´t be found in the content of anxiety

The cause of anxiety can´t be found in the content of anxiety.

The cause shall be found in the separation of the analyst and the analysed.

You have the existential condition, the anxiety. This is the fact, it is not in itself a problem. Then the analyst places himself outside the anxiety, analyses it in order to discover the cause of it, compares with earlier and hopes and desires something else, namely to get rid of it.

The analyst slides therewith off from the Now´s fact.

And the Now´s facts, seen from the analysts´ past or future, become a problem, anxiety-causing.

When the analyst is seeking the cause of the anxiety by comparing with earlier, and by desiring something else, he only isolates himself further, and therewith increases the anxiety.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Reality is never old

The human being who doesn´t require anything, who doesn´t strive after goals, who doesn´t seek a result with all what this is implying, such a human being is in an ongoing condition of experience.

Since everything is in movement, everything has meaning; nothing is old, nothing is charred, nothing is recurrence, because reality is never old.

Friday, August 4, 2017

To observe another human being with the past, is to observe your own perspective, and not the human being in itself

When you give something a name, you tighten it, through the name, to the past.

Therefore you observe it with eyes, which the past has affected, and that will say: not in a new way.

The past is your images of life, your perspective, and the only thing you see is your own perspective.

To observe another human being with the eyes of the past, means, that what you see, is your own perspective of this human being, and not the human being in itself.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Peoples´ difficulties are lying in, that they identify themselves with their problems

Peoples´ difficulties are lying in, that they identify themselves with their problems, and that the identification prevents the stream of thoughts and feelings.

So with identification is here meant: assumption or denial, condemnation or comparison - which distorts the understanding.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

If you as an Idler are aware, you will see, that the body has its own intelligence

Let us observe the dullness, for instance in the morning, when you get up and feel terrible indolent, without feeling like doing rather much.

Why has the body become dull? Probably you have eaten too much. The last day and night you have probably – subconscious - done all kinds of stuff in order to make the body worried and lazy. And the body says: ”For god´s sake, let me be in peace for a while!” But then you will swing the whip over it, force it to be active.

But you don´t change your way of living, you will rather take a pill in order to become active.

However, if you as an Idler are aware, you will see, that the body has its own intelligence.

It requires more than a little reason to be the body´s intelligence present. You force it, you push around with it. You are used to too much meat, you drink, smoke and all the other things you very well know, but which you do nothing for in order to change.

And therefore the body loses its own original organic intelligence.

In order to, that the body can act in an intelligent way, the mind must become rational, and it must not intervene and disturb the body.

If you are the body present in passive listening, you will see how the dullness altogether changes.