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I live entirely in order to cultivate the spiritual values of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

All my services are free of charge.

My written work is available for free reading and downloading. It is designed for self-study, free distribution and use - under these terms:

The thought behind is based on Gift Economy and donations.

If you feel my work has helped you, and you feel the need for it, you are welcome to give a donation below. It will be received with gratitude and blessings, and will help keeping the work active.

Donate by bank transfer:

My full name: Morten Tølbøll Mortensen

Payments from Denmark:

Konto: 3201068789

Registrerings nummer: 1551

Payments from abroad:


IBAN nr.: DK2030003201068789

Donate by PayPal:

You can also donate via PayPal. See right sidebar for donation button.

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