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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It is the desire after more which gets you to accept or believe something, and it leads to illusion

In accordance with the Buddhists it is immensely easy to lead yourself behind the light, to convince yourself about anything. The feeling of, that you shall become something is the beginning of the deception, and this idealistic attitude leads to multifold forms of hypocrisy.

What does the illusion consist in?

Yes, one of the factors is the eternal comparison between what you are and what you believe you ought to be, or could be – (you are evaluating the good and the evil and the distance between them) – the thought that is trying to improve, the memory about a lust, which is trying to achieve more of this lust, etc.

It is this desire after more, this dissatisfaction, which gets you to accept, or believe, something, and it must inevitably lead to any kind of deception and illusion.

It is the anxiety and the desire, the despair and the hope, that are projecting the goal, the conclusion you want to experience. Therefore, this experience has no presence and therefore no reality.

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