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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

When giving something a name it becomes permanent, and then we have the whole of the thoughtprocess

The feeling of the permanent consists in the condensed reactions; that is: the body, the feeling, the perception, the desires, and the consciousness.

The feeling arises as a result of a challenge, and then you give it a name, which will say that you identify yourself with it.

This, that we give it a name, restores the feeling in our images of life, the past pattern, which repeats itself again and again, which maintains the reactions and condenses them. Consequently an aspect of Man as a natural being.

If you don´t give the feeling a name - which will say, that you don't identify yourself with it and maintain it through evaluations - then the feeling is new, and it will disappear by itself.

If it gets a name, it will gain strength, it will become permanent, and then we have the whole of the thoughtprocess.

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