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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Authority leads to thoughtlessness, but because most of us find it painful to think we surrender to its control

The philosophical counselor doesn´t try to influence the guest to act, to think something particular, to do one thing or the other – that would be propaganda.

The only thing the counselor does, is, like Kierkegaard said, to encourage to awareness.

But awareness, or passive listening presence, is a troublesome task, and because most of us prefer the easy path, the illusion, we produce the authority, which gives our existence an image of life, a form and a pattern to follow.

This authority is perhaps the collective, the state or a group; it can also be the personal, the guru.

But authority of any kind makes blind, it leads to thoughtlessness, and because most of us find it painful to think, then we surrender to the control of the authority.

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