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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughts suck life out of the present and transform knowledge and belief into reality, and reality into emptiness

The structure of consciousness is time and its images, not only the personal images, but also the collective and universal images; altogether the foundation of the whole of mankind´s knowledge and belief.

Belief and knowledge are the recognition-processes, the processes out of which the thinking creates the perspective on oneself and the world, the known.

This process isolates itself and produces the Ego, a process, which both is conscious and unconscious.

The question for the Life Artist is whether the mind can disengage itself from its own structure.

Can the mind empty itself for its own structure? That is the problem.

The mind, as we know it, has belief and knowledge as historical background, is feeded by desires, wants, the desire after safety.

In this way the thinking sucks life out of the present and transforms knowledge and belief into reality, and reality into emptiness.

And in this way the Ego is made independent in relation to the individual´s reality.

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