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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The thinker is the creator of the one or the many problems

The creator of the problems is the thinker.

The problems don´t exist separate from the thinker.

The thinker is the creator of the one or the many problems.

When the thinker places himself outside the problems, the facts, then the problems will continue, because he creates the problems, precisely by differentiating from them and concerning himself with them, by comparing the facts with earlier and by hoping and desiring something else.

He is then the facts absent by being either in the bygone or the coming time.

It is an absence of something for the thinker hidden, an absence of something complicated, veiled, an absence in uncertainty.

But if the thinker is the thoughts, the problems, present in passive listening, then he can – because he himself is the creator – begin to realize himself, without concerning about the problems, or the thoughts.

You are then totally existential present in the Now.

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