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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Real thinking is the wholeness of the thinker and the thought

The thinking is seeing itself as something passing, in constant change, and therefore it produces the thinker as a constant entity, as separate from the thought, different from it.

Then the thinker works in on the thought, divides, accepts and denies, accentuates and excludes. But all the time there is only the thinking.

No more than we can place ourselves outside life, no more can the thinker place himself outside the thought. It is an illusion, a self-deceit.

The experience of this truth is of great importance for the Life Artist.

Real thinking is the wholeness of the thinker and the thought; it is the thinking, where you are one with the thought, with your possibilities and your past, yes, the thinking, where there not at all is any inner thinker, but only the thinking, which happens in a satisfactory way.

This is the self-forgetful way of thinking.

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