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Saturday, July 22, 2017

The past meets the new as the recurrence of the same

The consciousness, the Ego, which is standing outside because of conflict, constitutes the complete process of experience in which something is designated and registered.

You approach the challenge, on any level, with a set of experiences, some images of life, a perspective, which manifests itself as ideas, conclusions, prejudices; that will say: you give your experience a name.

This designation gives the experience a special quality, a quality, which is connected with the name.

The name origins from the memory.

The past meets the new as the recurrence of the same. The challenge is met with memory, with the past. But the past´s reaction can´t understand the living, the new, the challenge; the past´s reaction is not sufficient, and therefore there arises conflict, and that will say ego-consciousness.

The conflict ends when this process of designation doesn´t take place.

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