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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Man has tied himself to a way of life, which leads to war, and yet he wants peace

In philosophy as an art of life an investigation of dualism will be an investigation of, whether there exists a way of life without any division between living and dying, conscious and subconscious, business and social life, individual life and family life.

The divisions between nations, religions, classes, etc., originate from the contradiction-filled limitations in yourself.

The question of the Philosophical Globetrotter is therefore, why human beings live in this way?

The inner conflicts grow confusion, division and war; they develop actual insecurity, inwards as well as outwards. We see this division in so many ways – in God and Devil, in good and evil, in what you are and what you ought to be.

Why has Man always created a conflict in himself, and in the relationship with others, and consequently violence, and the hope about achieving something through violence?

Man has tied himself to a way of life, which leads to war, and yet he at the same time wants peace and freedom; but it is peace and freedom exclusively as an idea, an ideology.

And at the same time Man is historical limited by everything he does.

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