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Friday, July 21, 2017

Self-forgetful thinking, this aware and understanding presence, is the richness of life

We are ceasing being creative, when we imitate, when we as natural beings only reacts on the bases of memories.

Answers from the memory are usually called thinking.

But such thinking is only reactions from those preconceived conceptions, which are memory.

It is only a reaction in the brain and not real thinking.

There is only real thinking, when there isn´t any reaction from the memory.

In this awake and passionate emptiness there is creation. And when you are in this condition all stimuli and demands of life vanish.

This self-forgetful thinking, this aware and understanding presence, where you have your being with you in your experience, where the experience constitutes the whole of your being´s fullness – it is this deep thought´s vibrant silence, this wordless realization, this creative spontaneity, which is the richness of life.

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