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Monday, February 13, 2017

Polar partners will, in their extremes, switch over in the opposite extreme

The more you, through the Ego´s evaluations, isolate the parts of wholeness from each other, the more the abandoned parts will work stronger and stronger on their polar partners.

Therefore, these polar partners in their extremes will finally switch over in the opposite extreme.
Another aspect of this lawfulness, or another way to describe this lawfulness is: energy returns to its starting point. This is also called compensatory karma, and the lawfulness works as wave movements and pendulum movements.

And since everything in this way only work correlative, yes, then, as the Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna claimed, we actually can´t say anything about the wholeness, only about the parts.

Therefore, he called the wholeness the Emptiness (´sûnyatâ) – a teaching, which had one quite determinate purpose: the neutralization of all the dogmas, theories and viewpoints, which ignorance has created. 

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