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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Anxiety is anxiety of nothing, anxiety of an uncertain threat

Anxiety is to have your identity in an absence, in the constant becoming something.

In this self-production there is no being. Anxiety is therefore anxiety of nothing, anxiety of an uncertain threat. The uncertain threat paralyses the identity, precisely because it is uncertain. The inhibition in the anxiety is lying in the paralysation.

Because the identity is paralysed in the anxiety, it is suspended. The hold, the grip of the world, which the identity is, is suspended. Anxiety is therefore an experience of an identity crisis. The whole of the situation is paralysed, and the space narrows around you.

As a Philosophical Globetrotter, you must therefore study the whole structure of the thinking, and see what place the thought has, see where it isn´t a necessity, and only then you will discover, that the mind functions in a reasonable way, both when the thought isn´t active, and when the thought has to be active.

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