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Thursday, April 27, 2017

You must each time see as if it was the first time!

The word philosophy means love of wisdom, or love of learning.

To learn in philosophical sense is a continual movement, a continual renewal. It is not ”to have learned”, and see on the basis of that.

Usually we see on the basis of a memory about what we have learned, and have experienced; memory is the starting point. This is therefore not to see, not to learn in philosophical sense.

That something is learned in philosophical sense presupposes a mind, which each time learns anew.

There must be a creative emptiness.

The mind must therefore always be new and ready to learn, just like a child.

For that reason, it doesn´t interest the Philosophical Globetrotter to worship memory, but rather to observe, see and experience what really happens.

As a Philosophical Globetrotter you must try to be extremely aware, awake, so that the seen and learned don´t become a memory from which you see, and which in itself is a distortion.

You must each time see as if it was the first time!

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