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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The subconscious is just as insignificant and absurd as the conscious

You don´t need to go through any process of dream interpretation in order to reach to the subconscious.

If you the day through are yourself and the surrounding world present, yes, then you will not at all dream. Then there will be a presence of something, which not is hidden, because the mind is empty and creative.

Meditation is to empty out the mind; not just the conscious mind, but also the hidden layers of the mind, the disproportion, which is called the subconscious. And then there flows energy and life back to presence and reality.

The subconscious is in other words just as insignificant and absurd as the conscious.

And during the sleep there is a multiplicity of superficial dreams, which hardly are worth granting a thought – dreams entirely without meaning.

But then there is the dream which has a meaning, and this meaning can be understood at the very moment it is dreamt, without that there are any displacements or distortions between the interpreter and the interpreted.

But as mentioned, this is only possible when you in the day-time are all movements of your thoughts, motives, feelings and ambitions present.

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