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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

In order to be able to see something as a whole there must be no inner calculator

To see the wholeness is extremely difficult, while it is fairly easy to see a fragment. 

In order to be able to see something as a whole - and that will say: to see it rational, healthy and completely - there must be no inner spectator, doubter or calculator.

There must neither be any disproportion between the feeling and its object, or between the action and its occasion.

Your life must be real, so that you fully and completely exist and the important is present.

Fully and completely to exist will say that you are what you are in action with.

Where the unreal life is characterized by, that the dreamer, the spectator, the doubter within you, slides in between, creates reflections, displacement and darkness, there the real life is characterised by fulfilment, middle and light.

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