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Sunday, April 9, 2017

By seeing the things as they are, the answer perhaps will come to you

When a guest goes to see a philosopher, then the guest is presenting a topic, a life-question of one or the other kind; it might be a human problem or an interest.

The philosophical counselor will then seize the topic by pointing out, that there only is one answer to the question: the guest must himself look at the topic, observe and feel the question in an entirely new way, not absent by seeking an answer through evaluations – that is the old way – but present in passive listening, just like when you listen to the birds, to classical music, or to a child.

Only in this way you may create the wonder, the mix of critical investigation and unprejudiced freedom, which in philosophy is a necessity, if you shall learn how you, yourself, can think, and discover something new.

And by seeing the things as they are, then the answer perhaps will come to you.

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