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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

“Everything is New” – Morning Meditation

Alley Of The Dream, by Leonid Afremov 

Every morning you are born out of Hara.

You come from Omphalos, the Navel of the World. You come from the metaphysical time, the enchanted time. 

And you are born into the psychological time, the disenchanted time.

Keep your awareness in Hara. Be present in passive listening. Listen to the birds, smell the flavors, feel the air, and say: everything is new!

Ask philosophical question in a meditative-existential way: Who am I? How ought I to live in the world? Is there a plan with my life?

Walk through the alley of the day as a life artist, as a bohemian, free from authority. 

Mother Earth is calling you. Walk in beauty. Think in beauty.

When you are present in passive listening, the eternal Otherness is opening the Inner Side. The Wholeness is beginning to dream, and you remember the Other Time.

Everything is new, everything is ancient.


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