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Monday, August 21, 2017

Reality is a being, which is middle, is fullness, is lying in light

In a condition of completely peace of mind you are in a condition of timeless being, where there can be created; that is to say: where the Ego is not present – or rather, where the ego has been made transparent in the objective source that created it, like a Lotus flower on quiet water mirroring the sun.

Then your being has become real.

Reality is a being, which is middle, is fullness, is lying in light.

The middle is the quality, which is lying in, that you not are decentralized, not are beside yourself, not away from the actual.

On the contrary you are in the middle of the actual, in the middle of the stream of life, where creation takes place.

[I wrote this post in the morning. When I at noon as usual took my hiking trip in Rold Forest, I discovered the first water lillies in lake Bregnesøen. Before choosing the above photo I had a look on Monet´s water lillies, and wondered if I should choose one of them. That´s what called the coincidence of progressive karma. You might say that it could be an experience followed by speculation. But progressive karma is experience followed by realization. It´s objective, not subjective.

Read about karma in my article What is Karma? 

Here is the photo I took in the forest:

On my Facebook profile you can follow my photos in the album called Pilgrim in Rold Forest.]

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