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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

If you as an Idler are aware, you will see, that the body has its own intelligence

Let us observe the dullness, for instance in the morning, when you get up and feel terrible indolent, without feeling like doing rather much.

Why has the body become dull? Probably you have eaten too much. The last day and night you have probably – subconscious - done all kinds of stuff in order to make the body worried and lazy. And the body says: ”For god´s sake, let me be in peace for a while!” But then you will swing the whip over it, force it to be active.

But you don´t change your way of living, you will rather take a pill in order to become active.

However, if you as an Idler are aware, you will see, that the body has its own intelligence.

It requires more than a little reason to be the body´s intelligence present. You force it, you push around with it. You are used to too much meat, you drink, smoke and all the other things you very well know, but which you do nothing for in order to change.

And therefore the body loses its own original organic intelligence.

In order to, that the body can act in an intelligent way, the mind must become rational, and it must not intervene and disturb the body.

If you are the body present in passive listening, you will see how the dullness altogether changes.

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