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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sorrow is a concrete despair, despair is a universal sorrow

Despair is a relationship with loss.

Sorrow can be the despair over a particular loss, namely death, but despair can also be a sorrow over all kinds of loss.

Sorrow is a concrete despair, despair is a universal sorrow.

The primary definition of despair is, that it is the lived meaninglessness.

In the despair truth and values have broken-down.

Despair is the experience of, that meaning in your existence has broken in pieces.

There happens a breakdown in the structure of meaning, which you live in.

In the same way the despair shows an identity, which more or less is lying in ruins.

Despair is the emotion of breakdown. Despair, or meaninglessness, is existential chaos.

Hope is born from despair. They are two sides of the same coin.

Where there not is hope, there is hell, and because we are afraid of hell, we seek the meaning, which is in the hope. Then the illusion begins.

The word has in that way led to an illusion, and not at all to God.

God is the illusion, which we worship, and the non-believer creates the illusion about another God, which he worships – science, the state, utopia, or a book, which he thinks contains the whole of the truth.

So, what we as Idlers ask ourselves, is whether we can be free from the word with its illusions? Would that lead to despair?

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  1. Hope and despair have at least one commonality: uncertainty.