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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The meaning of life is to express the human essence

Only meditative-existential you can be in the Now.

The passive listening presence is meditation.

Meditation is to see completely with the heart and the mind; that is to say: with the whole of your essence.

The human essence is therefore meditation.

Meditation is the self-forgetfull openness for, and absorption in life itself.

The meaning of life is therefore to express the human essence.

Human essence is therefore an appearance-form of the Now.

Why? Because the essence in the human life is meditation.

Total existential presence in the Now is meditation.

The essence is therefore one and the same with existence; and this realized oneness is precisely meditation, or the wholeness of the observer and the observed.

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  1. The wholeness of the observer and the observed, that is the witness.