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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The cause of the inner emptiness is the desire after becoming something

The more emphasis which is being put on the outer greatness, the greater is the inner guilt over unlived life.

But freedom from this guilt is not asceticism.

The cause of this inner emptiness is the desire after becoming something; and no matter what you do, then this emptiness can never be filled out.

You can escape from it, whether it happens in a clumsy way, or in a more cunning way; but you can´t move further away from it than from your own shadow.

You perhaps don´t want to look into this emptiness, but it is there nevertheless.

Neither those ornaments things can give you, nor the suit of penance, which the soul can dress in, can conceal this inner poverty.

1 comment:

  1. I desire freedom! Not from a geographical place. But I desire freedom from the inner emptiness. The DESIRE of becoming free is cause of emptiness! I laugh at myself.
    If my threshold for emptiness were higher, would emptiness fall away? I'm still laughing!