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Friday, September 19, 2014

Philosophy doesn't analyse the anxiety in the individual person's life, but seeks to clarify the nature of anxiety

In order to discover the cause of anxiety philosophy doesn't analyse the anxiety in the individual person's life in the way that psychology does, but is seeking to clarify the concept of anxiety, the nature of anxiety, as it is everywhere.

In addition to this philosophy investigates the anxiety as a whole – not the numerous psychological forms of anxiety, but the anxiety.

In philosophy there is only one anxiety.

Though there in the individual person's life are different causes of anxiety, developed by multifarious challenges and reactions, then anxiety still is only one in philosophical sense.

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  1. When it comes to anxiety I start off, in my thinking, with the question, what if. What if this happens? And the thought is usually something negative. So, first of all, anxiety is a future based emotion; an irrational fear of a future event.

    Sometimes I can refute the what-if-negative-outcome thoughts with a little critical thinking and prove to myself that they are irrational. Yet emotionally, I am still anxious.

    So, one philosophical antidote would be to get closer to courage and stop trying to control things that are not under my control in the first place.