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Saturday, September 13, 2014

It is very difficult for Man to observe something directly instead of through images

The past is based on the images of time, which are of a linguistic kind.

They manifest themselves as symbols.

Language itself is a symbol, and we are used to symbols: we see the tree through the image, which is a symbol for the tree, we see our neighbour through the image we have created of him.

It is apparently about the most difficult for Man, to observe something directly instead of through images, opinions, conclusions, which altogether are symbols.

In the same way symbols play a great role in dreams, and therefore dreams are so deceptive and dangerous.

The meaning of a dream is not always clear, though we realize that it consists of symbols, which we try to decipher.

When we see something, we speak so spontaneous about it, that we don´t realize, that the words also are symbols.

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