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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

If you deny the possibility of complete freedom, you deny that you at all can investigate, inquire or discover

Far most humans only know two answers to the question about whether the mind can be completely free. Either they say that it is impossible; they say, that the human mind under any circumstance must let ifself be limited historical. Or else they begin to dream from one or the other romantic image. In both cases it is the thought, which is the answer.

Philosophical counseling offers a third option, the art of life, the existential training of the mind and the heart, where Man as a Life Artist begins to experiment, to investigate, to discover his existence as a whole.

If you from the start claim that it is impossible, you have of course not any chance of breaking through.

That you claim this can be due to, that your experience is very small or very large, or it can just be a faith, which you are accepting. But when you claim this, then it means that you deny that you at all can seek anything, that you at all can investigate, inquire or discover anything.

You deny the actual possibility of philosophy.

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