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Sunday, May 14, 2017

You are beside yourself, away from the subconscious, by being away in the conscious

Why does this division arise, between - on the one hand the conscious mind, which is wrapped up in its daily activities, worries, problems, superficial pleasures, earning one's living etc. - and, on the other hand, the deeper lying layers of the same mind, with all its hidden motives, its initiatives, its enforcing demands, its anxiety-conceptions? Why is there this division?

This division exists because we are so occupied, on the surface, by continual talking, the continual demand, on the surface, about amusement, entertainment, both of religious and of other kind.

This means that you become yourself absent, you are the deeper layers of your own mind absent.

And absence is unreality. Unreality is absence of something for the individual hidden. It is a specific condition, an emptiness, a being outside.

There is a displacement, or distortion, between the conscious and the subconscious; emptiness and loss slide in between, create reflections, displacement and darkness.

You are decentralized, beside yourself, away from the subconscious, by being away in the conscious. You are locked off from the subconscious, by being locked inside the conscious.

And this superficial mind can impossible go into depth, enter yourself, as long as this division is going on.

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