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Friday, January 27, 2017

The ideology of needs distorts the human nature

We always want something else than what is necessary in order to cover our daily needs.

It would perhaps be enough for a human being to get a bit of food, a few clothes and a small room to stay in; but we want something else. We want to become a famous person, have a position in the society, have power, prestige, to be God´s chosen, to experience that our friends think high thoughts about us, etc. The whole of the modern management and coaching industry is based on, that all people ought to think in that way.

The problem is difficult, because the inner desire after being the richest and most influential human being, the desire after becoming something, only can be fulfilled through the possession of things, food, clothes and shelter included.

You cling to these things in order to become rich inwards; what will say: to be free and independent in psychological and existential sense. Therefore, you become unhappy when you can´t get what you want, or when you lose it.

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