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Monday, March 23, 2015

What is death?

So what is death?

How can you find out without that it only is a belief you adopt?

Is it possible to be death present in passive listening, not another's death, but your own death?

It demands that you don't identify yourself with something, what of course is very difficult.

Most of us identify ourselves with our furniture, with our house, with our wife or husband, with our government, with our country, with the image we have of ourselves, and we identify ourselves with something greater – the world-image, which perhaps is a tribal feeling that expands to embrace the nation; or you identify yourself with a special property, a special image.

What happens if you don’t identify yourself with all this?


  1. death isnt, just exists and its in real a dying

  2. Morten hvad du beskriver er hvad jeg taenker af som ikke-vedhaeftet fil. Mange mennesker i den vestlige verden ser til den sksterne til at give dem deres identitet, uden ydre, deres identitet er dod.

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  4. Many people in the western world invest so much of themselves in the external, the house, job, spouse, etc...
    They depend on the external for their sense of well being and naturally have a strong investment in things turning out a particular way.
    When things don't turn out how they hoped, their sense of well being is lost.