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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The goal of the Life Artist is to go into an investigation of the turbulence of the mind

We try incessantly to become this or that, to achieve a special condition, to get one kind of realization and avoid another, and in this way the mind is eternally occupied by something, namely the Ego.

Constantly the mind is in action: thoughts, feelings, sensations, arrangements.

Always the consciousness has something in mind.

Always the mind is in progress with changing, making plans, commenting, remembering, creating images, and throwing out projects.

Both the German Idealists, Nietzsche, the Existentialists and the Marxists, took this restless, or ”creative” turbulence of the mind, as a presumption they didn´t investigate further.

The goal of the Life Artist is - in opposition to them – to go into an investigation of this turbulence of the mind, and find out what happens if it stops.

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