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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Art of Life is to understand your natural needs, without clinging to the things

Most peoples´ minds are busy with things, and it requires understanding to grasp our right relationship with them.

It is not about asceticism, or love of lust, not about giving renunciation, or gather into barns, but about being yourself present in passive listening, and herein understand your natural needs, without this clinging to the things.

It was this realization Buddha came to after he as itinerant ascetic in 5-6 years had practised all possible penances, where he, among other things, tried to live of one corn of rice a day.

He realized that this self-torture didn't lead to enlightenment; that does instead the middle way, where you give the body what it needs, but without being in the control of the senses.

When you understand this, it is no sorrow to give up things, or an eternal fight to keep them.

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