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Friday, November 7, 2014

The simple life is a life, which our consumer-society will sneer of

Every exertion of the will (ambition, project, concentration) is in the meditative art of life inappropriate.

It´s therefore the wisdomtraditions always have recommended the simple life.

It is in connection with this, that you probably will meet the first big obstacle in your meditative quest.

The simple life is namely a life, which our consumer-society will sneer of.

In a consumer-society the ideal life is a constant growing consume-capacity, and therefore a life where you all the time have to be future-oriented and in progress with new projects.

So if you seriously want to go in depth with the meditative art of life, but don´t feel you have the time for it, that your life don´t allow you to relax your will and your projects, yes, then it is necessary that you take your life up to consideration.

Either you begin to simplify your life – which can imply big changes – or else you continue as always.


  1. In the last two years, I have made major changes in my life, but most of them external changes. Some call it a minimalist lifestyle. Now, I sense that an internal shift has begun. I can't explain it.

  2. ...but don't feel that you have time for it.

    I don't have time.

    All I have is now!