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Saturday, October 18, 2014

When you clearly are seeing everything violence means, then you are free from it

If you see a thing very clear, without distortions, is there then any use of choosing?

There are no alternatives; alternatives only exist when you shall choose between two physical roads – you can walk the one road or the other.

But alternatives exist as well in the mind, which is confused and irrational; therefore it is in discord with itself, and its actions are violent.

Shakespeare´s play Hamlet is an illustration of such a mind. It is the mind, which practises violence, which says that it wants to live peacefully, but when it, as nature, reacts to challenges, then it practises violence (physical or psychological).

But when you quite clearly are seeing everything violence means, from the most raw, to the most refined, forms of violence, then you are free from violence. And that is the culmination of reason.

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