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Philosophical Counseling in Rold Forest

                                                 “The Wisest Troll” by Brian Froud

Philosophical counseling is counseling in my concept of The Compass.

The Compass is the aspect of the spiritual practice where you go beyond all ideas and images. The approach is that you present a personal question or problem, whereafter we´ll have a dialogue about this, seen in relation to The Compass. 

It will also be possible to have a dialogue about any of the topics I have presented in my work, as for example The Matrix Conspiracy.

Usually the counseling happens in Rold Forest in Denmark, but it can also happen in connection with my travels. I´m open for planning a journey according to invitations.

Only face to face meetings. No online counseling.

Philosophical counseling is not therapy, requires no prerequisites and is free of charge. You come as a guest.


Plan your visit (note that "Rebild" is the name for the national park of Rold Forest)

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