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Philosophical Counseling and Cafés

Philosophical counseling and/or cafés happens in Rold Forest, Denmark, where I live. It mostly happens through hiking, but it can also happen in my home, or in the place you have chosen for accommodation. There are a lot of possibilities. If you are staying for several days it can be a combination.

You should note, that the original wisdomtraditions all work with a combination of supporting exercises, deep study of texts and occasionsal dialogues with the teacher. Therefore I only offer philosophical counseling to people who practice my supporing exercises (or else the counseling will be distorted). See my page The Peter Pan Project.

I also offer philosophical counseling and cafés in the virtual world Second Life (profile) - read my article Me and My Avatar. This it is closely connected with my concept of Lucifer Morningstar.

In Second Life you´ll meet my avatar Lucifer Morningstar. Individual counseling takes place in Venezia City Showcase, and philosophical cafés takes place in Library of World Religions.

If you want to engage in online philosophical counseling you´ll need to become a member of the Lucifer Morningstar Facebook group, and have read my book Lucifer Morningstar – a Philosophical Love Story (free download). Click here for Lucifer Morningstar´s blog.

In the group it is also possible to arrange philosophical cafés via group chat, but Second Life is a much better place, since it involves voice chat and the whole play between dream and reality, which much of my work is all about. But the group is the place where events are arranged, and where there can be presented ideas and discussions.

Through our Avatars in Second Life we can either use text chat or voice chat (for voice chat you´ll need to set up a headset or speakers and a microphone. Using a headset avoids annoying echoes of your own voice). You can set up a beginner avatar in a few minutes (you´ll of course need to download a program, but it´s very quick). Click here for Second Life Quick Start Guide.

I hope that I with time will be able to transmit videos (talks, events, etc.) from Second Life, which I will post on Lucifer Morningstar´s blog, as well as on my YouTube channel. And I invite you to come with your own ideas to the whole of this project. I´m specially in need of people who knows something about virtual reality.

Besides all this, I offer philosophical counseling and cafés to people I meet when I´m traveling. 

For example: as a part of my literary pilgrimages (walking in the footsteps of great writers) I spend a couple of weeks each year in Venice, Italy (the fictional home of Lucifer Morningstar). In that connection I also offer individual counseling and group counseling there. A good subject for such counselings is precisely the fictional Venice, since literary pilgrimage in my view is an excellent way of working with heartmeditation. Click here for One Thousand and One Night of Venetian fictions. 

Accommodation in Rold Forest: there is a lot of places for accommodation. I myself recommend 
Hotel Rold Stor Kro 

You can also live for free in Rold Forest in different kinds of camps and shelters, some with toilets and bathrooms. In that connection I offer night retreats around campfires, where the subject is 
Dream Yoga.

More information about Rold Forest and accommodation: 

Rebild Turistbureau 
Rebildvej 25A, Rebild 
DK - 9520 Skørping 
Telephone: + 45 9988 9000

You can contact me on my 
Facebook profile.

Read more about philosophical counseling and cafés in my article 
Philosophical Counseling as an alternative to Psychotherapy.

Remember it is a totally free service.

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