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Philosophical Counseling and Cafés

Philosophical counseling and/or cafés happens in Rold Forest, Denmark, where I live. It mostly happens through hiking, but it can also happen in my home, or in the place you have chosen for accommodation. There are a lot of possibilities. If you are staying for several days it can be a combination.

I also offer philosophical counseling and cafés in the virtual world Second Life (profile) - read my article Me and My Avatar

Furthermore, I offer counseling via Skype. My counseling hours are 20.00 to 22.00 (= Copenhagen CET - go to Time difference calculator). A session lasts 1 hour. My Skype name is mortentolboll.

An alternative form of philosophical counseling is to get your personal Sûnyatâ Sutra. Click here

Finally, I offer philosophical counseling and cafés to people I meet when I´m traveling.

Note, that the original wisdomtraditions all work with a combination of supporting exercises, deep study of texts and occasionsal dialogues with the teacher. See my page The Peter Pan Project

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About Rold Forest

Accommodation: there is a lot of places for accommodation. I myself recommend Hotel Rold StorKro 

You can also live for free in Rold Forest in different kinds of camps and shelters, some with toilets and bathrooms. In that connection I offer night retreats around campfires, where the subject is Dream Yoga.

More information about Rold Forest and accommodation: 

Rebild Turistbureau 
Rebildvej 25A, Rebild 
DK - 9520 Skørping 
Telephone: + 45 9988 9000

Read more about philosophical counseling and cafés in my article Philosophical Counseling as an alternative to Psychotherapy.

Remember it is a totally free service.

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