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My Teaching in a Nutshell

I have called my teaching Meditation as an Art of Life.

My teaching in a nutshell consists of two quotes, three aspects of spiritual practice, the Peter Pan Project, A Finger Pointing at the Moon, and the Luciferian Movement.

1)  The two quotes:

I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.

Henry David Thoreau [read more in my Link to Idlers]

I have no view of my own. My critical arguments are simply reduction to absurdity of the views ignorance has created.


2)  The three aspects of spiritual practice:

2) Investigating the shadow (ignorance, the unconscious, the painbody, the cause of suffering, your own dark side, the ego). This aspect I call Learning to see with the Heart, or Heartmeditation (Tonglen) – see my articles The emotional painbody and why psychotherapy can´t heal it, and Suffering as an entrance to the source).

3) The spiritual practice (going beyond all ideas and images). This aspect I call The Compass, or Hara Awareness – see my page The Compass.

3)  The Peter Pan Project:

 See my free booklet The Peter Pan Project.

4)  A Finger Pointing at the Moon:

My teaching is supposed to help people develop their own teaching, to become a light for themselves, where they now happen to be in life. My teaching should therefore not be treated as an authority/conclusion, but only as “a finger pointing at the moon.” Don´t mistake the finger for the Moon.

5)  The Luciferian Movement:

The Luciferian movement in my work can be summed up in the three aspects of spiritual practice:

1)  Head: The presentation of the Navigator (the philosopher and critical thinking)

2) Heart: The presentation of Tonglen, ethical work with the shadow. Ethics means moral philosophy, and therefore again critical thinking, though supplied with heartmeditation.

3) Hara: The presentation of the Compass, the downward movement, the break with the top-heavy Indo-European symbolism of the ladder. Instead is introduced the symbolism of the embryo and the circle.

My concept of Lucifer Morningstar simply means a counter-theory and a reverse practice. This is inspired by Karen Blixen (see my free Ebooks Karen Blixen - The Devil´s Mistress and Lucifer Morningstar - A Philosophical Love Story). In short: an alternative to the Matrix Conspiracy.

If you want to go further into my teaching I will recommend the same texts as I present in philosophical counseling:

The Philosophy of Krishnamurti (article. In the sidebar to this article you can download Krishnamurti´s complete work for free. Use this as meditative reading, and have an experience of what philosophical counseling in action is. Because philosophical counseling is what Krishnamurti practiced when teaching. This is an excellent beginning of an understanding of what philosophy is. Also read my article Philosophical Counseling as an Alternative to Psychotherapy).

Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien (Free Ebook, and the basic book. This is an actual course in philosophy. It is long, but use it as a reference book. In the PDF version you can for example use the search tool).

The Nine Gates of Middle-earth (free booklet. This is my personal interpretation of the chakra-system, which relates to the above book. It sees the opening of the chakras as openings into an enchanted world. Tolkien himself saw Middle-earth as a secondary world, something he had discovered, not invented. The tools to open these chakras are philosophy and meditation).

What is Philosophy? (article)

The Difference between Philosophical Education and Ideological Education (article)

Meditation as an Art of Life – a Basic Reader (Free Ebook. Meditation as an Art of Life is the name I have given my own spiritual practice, and this is the root book in how you yourself can start philosophizing. The main message of the book is, that the essence of meditation is to ask philosophical questions in a meditative-existential way. It contains all supporting exercises).

On Asking Philosophical Questions (Article. Asking philosophical questions is inborn in Man. Children are therefore doing this quite natural. In this article I explain this by relating it to Antoine de Saint-Exupèry´s book The Little Prince).

A Dictionary of Thought Distortions (free Ebook. This is a course in logic, a subdicipline of philosophy which will train you in critical thinking and rational argumentation. In other words: it will train you in clear thinking and speech. Critical thinking will also protect you against spiritual vampires, both physical and non-physical. It functions better than a crucifix or any other protective means. If interested in learning more about spiritual vampires, read my free Ebook Lucifer Morningstar – a Philosophical Love Story).

Spiritual Crises as the Cause of Paranormal Phenomena (article)

Self-help and the Mythology of Authenticity (This article relates to the above article on religion. The Mythology of Authenticy is my expression of the modern world´s ideology, where religion and philosophy have been reduced to psychology and psychotherapy. And this in such a degree, that I claim that most people today simply don´t understand religion and philosophy anymore). The goal with philosophical counseling is a rebellion towards this tendency (since reductionism is a perversion of human nature), and a return to pre-modern mythology, religion and philosophy.

The Compass (Article. My concept of The Compass refers to the aspect of spiritual practice, where you go beyond all images and ideas. Philosophical counseling is about the spiritual practice in itself, a journey which I describe as mythos-logos-mythos. You start out in the mythic life, or magical thinking, are using philosophy as a navigator (logos, discrimination), and return to the mythic life, transformed by an otherworldly enchantment. My writings on the aspect of going beyond all images and ideas are called Sûnyatâ Sutras, and you can find them on my photo blog The Visual Pilgrim.

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