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My Magic Workshop

My small apartment (or rather monk cell) is lying in the attic of The Rose Farm, a former retirement home in the middle of Rold Forest in Denmark.

Other parts of the attic are filled with secret doors, looking-glasses and wardrobes. So here you can meet Farm Nisser (Pixie, Tomte - American: Elf, but not quite the same) of all kinds, of course the Attic Nisse and Christmas Nisse. If you are very quiet they will tell you stories from The Old Denmark.

As I say in my pop culture file on The Lord of the Rings: “When you stand still you´ll meet Tom Bombadil!”

One of the secret doors of the attic is mine. It leads into My Magic Workshop, where I create my icons.

Currently I´m working on partly handmade icons with six themes on wood from Beech and Linden tree, and a Sûnyatâ Sutra written on the back. When ready I will post them on this page, where I also will give a description of how the Icons can be used in connection with my teaching, as well as my personal interpretation of the six classical themes: The Virgin Mary and Child, Christ the Merciful, The Transfiguration, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection and Archangel Michael. 

The Icons should especially be viewed in relation to the new development of my teaching as presented in my online book Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien.

Originally I have used my Icons as gifts for accomodation in connection with my pilgrimages. And I still do. But I have had many requests from people who want to buy one of them. I have decided to sell them for the cost of production and shipping. I hope they will be ready during the summer of 2018.   

While working I follow my own Harameditation:

All kind of action, work and everyday life can namely be done meditative. It can be done with love and awareness in the Now. It can be supplied with a new quality, where it goes from something you have to get over, to a possibility of finding inner calmness and energy. Children are natural centered in Hara, the body´s reservoir of energy and life-joy. It is therefore they do things with an incredible lot of joy and vitality. To work with centring in Hara means that you become like a child again.

There are two fundamentally different ways of using the body. The one is performance-oriented, where you in a certain physical activity have to achieve something or acquire something. The second is about being physical active with a meditative mind. Here you also can achieve something, but rather than being focused on the goal, you are present in the moment of action. You are your activity.

By focusing the awareness in Hara, by letting the consciousness rest in this point when you are standing, moving, working and functioning in the everyday life, the body will by itself go into another balance, and existentially you will be more present and real in the Now. 

So, when I´m working on my Icons I´m letting my consciousness rest in Hara. Let the mind be neutral observing. Let sensations, thoughts and feelings come and go, but don't evaluate them or follow them into the past or the future. Just be a witness.

Whenever broodings over the past, or worries over the future, automates my awareness, I gently bring the full awareness back to the Now. Again and again. I use smells, sounds and visual impressions as entrances to the Now. From time to time I take a deep inhalation, where I fill the whole of the breast out. And in the expiration I let all the negative thoughts out. 

This is also a practice used when using the Icons for meditation. 


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