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The work here is finished, and the articles now function as a free resource, as well as a back-up for my blog book The Autofictions of a Time Traveler.

Note! Due to the problems with my English grammar (English is only my second language and I haven´t got an editor) I would warmly welcome anybody who have the time and patience to edit my work (or parts of it). You are free to do this under these terms of use: (I´m also looking for a publisher who find my work interesting enough to publish in an edited version).

On this page you can download my articles in free PDF Versions. Remember that they also are collected in my two books on the Matrix Conspiracy, but arranged under certain superior themes. It´s in that connection important to be aware that each article should be seen in relation to my other articles, as well as in relation to the superior theme of The Matrix Conspiracy. Moreover they should be seen in relation to my teaching as such, where an important part is to show both pitfalls and dangers on the spiritual journey, as well as pathfinders and trail markers. I for example use my critique of New Age and Self-help in my philosophical counseling practice. 

The articles is not a place for seeking objective information. One of the aims with my philosophy is spiritual anarchism, and liberation from authorities. The articles are therefore completely unacademical, and only expressions of my free thought. They must stand and fall with that. Furthermore: the articles are not science, but belongs to a pre-modern, forgotten way of thinking called philosophy. Not to acknowledge that would be a misunderstanding from the very beginning (a reminder in a world ruled by scientism).

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Radical Feminism and the Anti-Vaccine Movement

When the Danish TV 2 Thursday, March 26, 2017 send the documentary ”The Vaccinated Girls” about young women who are convinced that they had got serious side effects from the so-called HPV Vaccine, it immediately raised colossal debate on the internet, on television, in newspapers and on social medias.

The myth about side effects has caused an enormous fall in the number of girls, who are vaccinated against cervical cancer.

The TV 2 documentary ”investigates” whether the girls suspicion to the vaccine is justified, and is at the same time ”revealing” how the authorities are hiding a line of warnings, they have received from ”experts”.

The documentary is a journalistic shipwreck.

Who are these ”experts?” In this article I will go deeper into this question, and claim that it is the scaremongers and internet trolls of the Matrix Conspiracy, especially in form of radical feminists from the anti-vaccine movement. 

You can find updates and commentaries to this article in The Matrix Dictionary entry: Feminism as Fascism.

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Some critical comments on astrology

Astrology is connected with the wholeness, but can be delusional. In this article I show why. 

In the Matrix Dictionary you can find updates and commentaries to this article in the entry Cosmic Intelligence Agency (C*I*A).

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The philosophy of Karen Blixen

In this article I give a description of the spiritual and paranormal aspects of Karen Blixen´s life and philosophy. I show her relevance for my own teaching, for example in connection with spiritual crises, the kundalini power, the transformation of sexuality in an inner tantric spiritual practice. In connection with this I show how the art of seduction is happening in collective energy-processes, with different levels of spiritual information-transformations. Finally I suggest why a bit of sympathy for the Devil is necessary in a spiritual practice. 

My Ebook Karen Blixen - The Devil´s Mistress is an expansion of this article.

Another related book: Lucifer Morningstar - a Philosophical Love Story.

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Cathartic psychotherapies

Cathartic psychotherapies are based on the notion that if you express your feelings you will purge yourself of your troubles. In this article I show why this is wrong. I show it through the description of different aspects of Cathartic psychotherapies, such as The Venting Notion; Variations on Letting It Out; Merge, Purge, Cathart, and Scream Therapies. Finally I describe Catharsis therapies today and counter theories to letting it all out.

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What are chakras? 

Chakras are an expression of how the thoughts reflect themselves in the human body in form of energy-spots, or reflection-spots. In this article I give a description of the chakras, and their connection with a spiritual practice. In connection with that I show dangers and pitfalls.

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Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with channeling                        

Channeling is a process whereby an individual (the ”channeler”) claims to have been invaded by a spirit entity, which speaks through the channeler. In this article I show problems and delusions in connection herewith.

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Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with clairvoyance
Clairvoyance is a kind of para-psychic opening, that gives a visual, auditory or emotive knowledge about a past and a future, which lies outside your own personality. I this article I show problems and delusions in connection herewith.

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Constructivism: the postmodern intellectualism behind New Age and the self-help industry 

Constructivism is the idea that what we call reality entirely is a construction of the mind. In this article I show why this is wrong. I also show the direct influence Constructivism has had on New Age and the Self-help industry, and how this has distorted spirituality.

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A Critique of Richard Dawkins and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI)

My inquiry (yes let´s use that word with emphasis) in this article is: why is it that Richard Dawkins is so praised in the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry - (Center for Inquiry (CFI) and Richard Dawkins Foundation are now formally merged) - where the main virtues (a defense of science, rationality and reasoning) only can be described as the precise opposite of, what I in this article will show, is Dawkins´?  I will show that it is because the underlying goal is ideology and neither science nor philosophy. Religious pseudoscience and atheistic pseudoscience are two sides of the same Matrix coin in The Matrix Conspiracy valuta. My conclusion is that CSI in short is a right-wing conservative, so-called “skeptic” atheist movement. In the following I will illustrate this by investigate both sides of the coin, since New Age is part of the widely spread popular culture, which actually adopts a lot of atheistic pseudoscience.

You can find updates and commentaries here. In my booklet Atheist Fundamentalism you can find a full analysis of the problems sketched out in this article.

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The Dream Hypothesis and the Brain-in-jar Hypothesis

How can we know whether life is a dream or not, or whether we are brains-in-jars getting all our perception from computers? This article should be seen in relation to my concept of The Matrix Conspiracy. 

In the Matrix Dictionary you can find updates to this article in the entry: Simulation Theory

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What is Dream Yoga?
Dream Yoga is the art of practising meditation during sleep, dream, and ultimately death. In this article I give an introduction to Dream Yoga based on partly the masters within the discipline, partly my own experiences. I also show why one should not be seduced by phenomena such as lucid dreaming and astral projection. 

You can find updates and commentaries to this article in my Matrix Dictionary entry: Why I Don´t Teach Tibetan Dream Yoga.

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The ego-inflation in the New Age and self-help environment

Ego-inflation happens when the ego has embezzled itself energy, which rightly belongs to the collective time. In this article I describe different kinds and levels of ego-inflation.

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The new feminism and the philosophy of women´s magazines 

Radical feminists are in progress with a systematic undermining of the intellectual values of the free education, and the use of critical thinking in society as such. In this article I show the consequences of this in the Third World – the creation of intellectual apartheid – as well as the emerging fascistic elements. Almost all women are influenced due to the more “innocent” introduction through the self-help theories promoted in women´s magazines. 

You can find updates and commentaries to this article in The Matrix Dictionary entry: Feminism as Fascism. A related entry is Oprah Winfrey.

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The four philosophical hindrances and openings   

In this article I describe the fundamental hindrances in the meditative-existential art of opening the consciousness in towards the divine source. I also describe the corresponding openings. Furthermore I show how the self-help industry paradoxically are supporting the hindrances.

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A critique of Stanislav Grof and Holotropic Breathwork 

This article deals with the danger of reducing non-ordinary (religious) states of mind to psychotherapy. 

You can find an important update to this article in my booklet The Psychedelic Experience versus The Mystical Experience.

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The Hermeneutics of Suspicion (the thought police of the self-help industry) and why I am an apostle of loafing  

In this article I show how the self-help industry has become the new authority in our society, and how it practices a kind of spiritual censorship. I also describe my own experiences with this and how I´m trying to live a life without being forced to deal with them – which can be rather difficult.

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The Hero´s Journey

Inspired by the mythologist Joseph Campbell´s monomyth of The Hero´s Journey, the author and pilgrim Phil Cousineau - in his book The Art of Pilgrimage – The Seeker´s Guide to Making Travel Sacred, divides the art of pilgrimage into seven archetypal steps, which each are divided into subdivisions. In this article I will let these steps and subdivions form the dreaming tracks and songlines in the artwork of the pilgrim, and investigate the universal inner map of the spiritual journey, seen in relation with Campbell´s monomyth.

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A critique of the Human Design System

The Human Design System (HDS) is a "new" New Age invention. In this article I describe how HDS are using the usual manipulation tools which you see used in the whole of the New Age movement. I also show how HDS belongs to a group of large New Age systems, which have emerged in the wake of Theosophy, and which therefore exposes totalitarian and fascistic tendencies.

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Humanistic psychology, self-help, and the danger of reducing religion to psychology

Humanistic Psychology is a fundamental inspiration for the management theories and therefore for the whole of the self-help industry. In this article I show the consequences of reducing religion (as well as spirituality and spiritual practice) to psychology and psychotherapy.

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Hypnosis, hypnotherapy and the art of self-deception

Hypnosis involves intentional manipulation of behavior. As such, hypnotism belongs under the broader rubric of Sophistic "persuasive techniques." It involves getting people to quit thinking critically in order to open them up to behavior modification.

The central point of this article is when hypnotherapy is used to induce in people certain ideological viewpoints.

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The difference between philosophical education and ideological education
Philosophical education has its basic objectives, first, the disposition to seek truth, and, second, the capacity to conduct rational inquiry. Ideological education differs from philosophical education in all these respects. This article explains this in detail.

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What is karma?

In this article I explain two kinds of Karma: Compensatory karma and progressive karma. Compensatory karma is what most people experiences. I explain how the New Thought movement´s idea of the law of attraction is based on a misinterpretation of compensatory karma. Progressive karma will first be active when people are starting a spiritual practice.

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A critique of Byron Katie and her therapeutic technique The Work

The Work is a “single cause-single cure” mix between Cathartic psychotherapy and positive thinking. There is used confrontational theories and attack therapy in order to provoke negative feelings and memories (Cathartic psychotherapy). Positive thinking is then introduced via four questions and a turnaround technique. The question of the truth of the evoked negativity is hereby ignored. Subjectivism and relativism justify this ignorance. 

In my article I mention a very controversial aspect of one of Byron Katie´s "teachings" of that Nazist´s throwing mommies babies into the flames is "the loving art of God", and the mommies own fault. 

The quote is found in her book Losing the Moon,which now has been removed. But unfortunately for Katie the book still exists on the internet.The quote can be found on page 35. Click here to download the book. 

And if you think this is just an exception of Katie´s teachings you are wrong. 

Moreover I use quotes from a former Katie devotee, Janaki, who has written a 74 pages long folder on Byron Katie. Click here and download it. 

You can find updates and commentaries to the article here.

Click here and read/listen online, or download. I have also here made a seldom answer to a review, where I go further into the con-art Byron Katie is practising. You have to scroll down to find it.

The philosophy of Krishnamurti      

When he was 13 years old Krishnamurti became chosen to be ”channel” for Maitreya, who, in the ideas of The Great White Brotherhood, is identified as Jesus, a spiritual master. Annie Besant founded a Theosophic wing on this purpose, called ”The order of the Star in the East”, which Krishnamurti later dissolved. He did it on the background of the paradoxical circumstance, that he apparently himself entered into a process of enlightenment; that is: that he himself became a spiritual master, not a channel.

This article deals with this paradox. It also shows Krishnamurti´s relevance for my own teaching and the movement of philosophical counseling and cafés.

Krishnamurti´s Teachings - free download:

My own article:

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The Awakening of Kundalini
Kundalini is a concept in Indian philosophy. According to Tantrism it is a latent spiritual power, which is situated in the bottom of the spinal column, behind the sexual organs. Symbolic it is seen as a slumbering, rolled serpent. The serpent can be awakened; that is: the spiritual energy can be released, normally through a special yoga technique.

These ideas belong to an “upward” meditation tradition. In this article I present a “downward” meditative alternative. 

In my booklet The Psychedelic Experience versus The Mystical Experience I give a fuller analysis of the Kundalini phenomenon. 

My booklet The Philosophy of Hara Healing describes a reverse form of Kundalini Yoga, a Luciferian movement, which offers the solution to problems in connection with Kundalini.

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Management theory and the self-help industry
It is management theories, which are lying behind the companies´ much talk about the employees´ willingness to personal development, flexibility, innovation and readiness for change. Words, that appear in almost any job advertisement.

In this article I present the fundamental ideas in management theory: New thought, humanistic psychology, and postmodern intellectualism – and how this is connected with the self-help industry.

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The Matrix Conspiracy
The Matrix conspiracy is a mix of postmodern intellectualism, management theory, self-help and New Age, which together constitute a global spreading ideology. This ideology is created by The Mythology of Authenticity – a mythology where everything is about becoming and not being. This mythology has two world images: humanistic psychology and constructivism. And these two world images again have two methods: psychotherapy and coaching.

The mythology is characterized by magical thinking (you can create yourself and the world as it fit you) – and is sought supported by subjectivism and relativism: the psedoscience of reductionism, especially psychologism and biologism. Quantum mysticism is also a central theory.

With this we see the emergence of a totalitarian New Age system with direct fascistic tendencies, and where Western Consumer Capitalism and Chinese Communism in all probability will melt together in a New World Order: the world of alternative history, alternative physics, alternative medicine and, ultimately, alternative reality.

The winners in this Brave New World are therefore not receiving their talents from being and reality, but from becoming masks and roles, from their ability to tell stories. It is a meritocracy of people wearing The Emperor´s New Clothes.

With this article on the Matrix Conspiracy, I am, as in my teaching as such, placing philosophy at the heart of it, and I do so in order to protect the precious store of wisdom from the assaults of charlatans, to create a kind of temple to truth in the midst of falsehood, and to marginalize the Matrix Sophists who prey on human confusion.

In The Matrix Dictionary you can find updates and commentaries to this article in these two entries: 

The Matrix Conspiracy Fascism 

The Matrix Conspiracy Updates

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Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with mystical experiences

This article describes how a mystical experience is happening when astral energies and content arrive to the consciousness, either from the collective images of time, or from the universal images of time. When energy and content arrive to the consciousness from these images, then this energy, and this content, will symbolize itself.

Though the symbols can represent the same content (for example an angel), then symbols from the collective images are delusional. Symbols from the universal images are contrary to this a revelation of the good, the true and the beautiful. 

In my booklet The Psychedelic Experience versus The Mystical Experience I give a description of the mystical experience seen in its difference from the psychedelic experience.

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Self-help and The Mythology of Authenticity

In this article I will, with starting point in the concept of authenticity, show the difference between the false spirituality of the self-help industry, and the true spirituality of the original wisdomtraditions. Where authenticity in the self-industry is the same as becoming another (authenticity is a dream, a mythology), then authenticity in the true spiritual traditions is the same as being what you are (authenticity is reality); or said shortly: the difference between becoming and being. I will also show, that the reason for this difference is ideological founded.

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Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT)

NLP claims to help people change by teaching them to program their brains. We were given brains, we are told, but no instruction manual. NLP offers you a user-manual for the brain. The brain-manual seems to be a metaphor for NLP training, which is sometimes referred to as “software for the brain.”

In this article I expose NLP as a pseudoscientific and existential shipwreck. I also give a description of a Tony Robbins LGAT seminar.

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Six common traits of New Age that distort spirituality

New Age is based on all kinds of imported spiritual traditions mixed with Western psychotherapy, coaching and management theory. In this article I show the common traits that expose it as an ideology shared by a large group of people. I also show why these traits distort traditional spirituality.

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The New Thought movement and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that “like attracts like”, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. In this article I show how New Thought redefines karma in a distorting way, why it ends up as a kind of black magic, and the numerous ethical problems involved.

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Nonviolent Communication is an instrument of psychic terror

In this article I show how Nonviolent Communication (NVC) ends up in the thought distortion called That´s Judgmental, a phrase used to silence critique, because it, for some usually unspecified reasons, consider judgments as violent; that is: judgmental terms such as good versus bad, right versus wrong, fair versus unfair.

The psychic terror consists in that these judgmental terms instead become hidden under terms such as needs and feelings (which NVC wrongly consider as non-judgmental in themselves), whereby NVC allows thought distortions to speak unexamined and uncontrolled.

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A critique of the Indian Oneness movement and its use of Western success coaching

The Oneness movement, or Deeksha-movement, was founded by the husband and wife “avatars” Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma. The central concept in the movement is the alleged capacity for Shaktipat, bestowal of Divine power, and Deeksha, initiation or blessing, “the transfer of Divine energy.”

In this article I show the involvement of Tony Robbins, as well as the enormous degree of delusions involved.

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The emotional painbody and why psychotherapy can´t heal it

The emotional painbody contains all the pain you have accumulated in the past. It is the sum of the negative feelings which you have ”saved together” through life and which you carry. And it can nearly be seen as an invisible, independent creature.

In this article I show that psychotherapy can´t heal it because of its root in original sin (negative karma), and why only a spiritual practice can heal it from the ground. I also show how “positive” thoughts/feelings can have their root in the painbody.

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Personality typing is a refined system of prejudice

A personality typing theory categorizes people in different psychological types. Such theories of psychological types are comparatively easy to invent, and earn money on, and they are certainly harmful because they involve all the problems of what I call The Hermeneutics of Suspicion.

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Philosophical counseling as an alternative to psychotherapy

Philosophical counseling and cafés are a new alternative form of counseling to people, who don´t feel, that priests, doctors, coaches or psychotherapists, can offer them enough help concerning their spiritual/existential questions and problems. It is a possibility for asking a philosopher for advice.

In this article I show why the traditional masters of wisdom always have used such a philosophical kind of counseling, and why coaching and psychotherapy fail as spiritual ways of counseling.

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What is philosophy?

Our wonder over Man becomes philosophy, when it reaches the question of Man as such. Philosophy throws out answers to the question, argues for the answers and investigates their consequences. This happens first of all by reflecting and meditating over the things, not in an experience-scientific way, or by using theories as starting point.

In this article I show what differentiates philosophy from science, psychotherapy and religion.

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The pseudoscience of New Age and reductionism

Pseudoscience is philosophical, political, religious/occult theories, that seek legitimacy by claiming, that they are scientifical theories, while the fact is, that they either not are testable, or that they abuse the use of abductive reasoning.

In this article I give a presentation of ways to spot how a theory can be identified as pseudoscientific.

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The devastating New Age turn within psychotherapy

New Age psychotherapies are for example therapies such as Experiential psychotherapy, Rebirthing, Reparenting, Past life regression, Hypnotherapy, Alien abduction, Recovered memory therapy, Satanic ritual abuse, Primal Therapy, Gestalt therapy, Energy Breathing, Holotropic Breathwork. Also Nonviolent Communication, coaching, NLP and The law of Attraction, must be seen as kinds of New Age psychotherapies.

In this article I show the difference between spiritual counseling and New Age psychotherapies; the central distorting aspects of them; and the precautions in relation to them (where do they go wrong?)

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Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of Niels Bohr

I have in my book Dream Yoga looked at the abuses of quantum mechanics, which we see so widely-spread in New Age circles, and wherein the misinterpretation consists. However there has right now been published a new book by my professor in philosophy, David Favrholdt, about the philosophy of Niels Bohr, which shows the misinterpretation in a new way. This article gives an introduction to this philosophy.

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Quantum mysticism and its web of lies

Quantum mysticism is a pseudoscientific version of quantum mechanics. In this article I show the two central misinterpretations of quantum mechanics that have created a widespread web of lies, both in the postmodern intellectualism, as well as in the more popular movement of New Age. I also give examples on how the quantum mystical language of postmodern intellectualism has influenced New Age, for example in the New Age guru Deepak Chopra.

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James Arthur Ray and the sweat lodge tragedy

On October 8, 2009, at a New Age “Spiritual Warrior” retreat conceived and hosted by Ray at the Angel Valley Retreat Center in Yavapai County near Sedona, Arizona, two participants, James Shore and Kirby Brown, died as a result of being in a sweat lodge exercise. Eighteen others were hospitalized after suffering burns, dehydration, breathing problems, kidney failure or elevated body temperature. Liz Neuman, another attendee, died October 17 after being comatose for a week.

In this article I show that the main cause of the tragedy is the ignorance created by New Thought and law of attraction theories.

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The pseudoscience of reductionism and the problem of mind

The reductionisms observe Man from fragmented viewpoints, for example as organism, as physical-chemical system, as society being, as psyche, as producer and user of language and meaning. But what becomes of the wholeness? What unites all this knowledge to a total image of Man?

The reductionisms´ explanations of this always end up as philosophical shipwrecks. Reductionisms are philosophical viewpoints, which under cover of being science seek to answer the question of Man, or reality as such.

In this article I examine the danger of the reductionisms, because they are almost uncritically accepted in our society.

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Regression psychotherapies

Regression psychotherapies are based on the notion that if you discover the cause of your troubles you will be cured. It is causes such as inadequate parents, sexual abuse, satanic rituals, cannibalistic orgies, past lives, alien abduction, possession by entities, etc. The theory is then to regress people back to these incidents and having them to relive, or re-experience them.

The article consists of four parts: 1) Regression, Reparenting, and Rebirthing 2) Past-Life/Future-Life Therapy 3) Entities Therapists and the Channeling Connection 4) You Were Abducted by ETs – That´s What the Matter Is.

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The value of having a religion in a spiritual practice

You can´t dissolve or dilute or convert the original sin through therapy. Only the intervention of the Source (God, Christ, the enlightened consciousness) can basically help Man with a transcendence of the negative karma of the original sin.

In this article I therefore claim, that religion and supporting exercises are a valuable early stage in a spiritual practice. Religion has to do with the pious attitude and way of thinking, which stands for the observance of religious virtues, duties and rituals. In this way you can bring a unity and direction into the mind, an order and tranquillity in the thinking, a consistency between thought and conduct of life, an awareness of your relationship with persons, things and ideas, which no therapy is able to. In a spiritual practice it serves as a frame of reference.

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The Vampirised Spirit of John Rosen

John Rosen, a professor in psychiatry, who had been analysed but never trained as a psychoanalyst, originally professed in 1947 that his new method, which he called “direct analysis,” led to schizophrenic patients “recovering” and having their “psychosis resolved.” Claiming that his patients had not been loved during childhood, Rosen reported spending sometimes as much as ten hours a day with one patient. What was eventually revealed about what went on in those sessions is almost too horrific to imagine. Some of the techniques were tantamount to extreme violence and torture.

In this article I show that all psychotherapy is corrupt and abusive. If you are a relativist and subjectivist, as all psychotherapists are (all theories are equally good, because there are no objective standards for good and evil, and anyone claiming anything else are considered aggressors), well then you can use Truth By Authority as you want to in accordance with your own idiosyncratic beliefs.

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Me and my Avatar

Through my avatar in the online virtual world Second Life I offer philosophical counseling and cafés (or just interacting as such) – and I´m in this way using Second Life as an experimental analogy to central aspects of my teaching Meditation as an Art of Life, for example The Matrix Conspiracy and Dream Yoga.

In this article I explain this analogy in six parts: 1) My avatar and Me (a Danish documentary) 2) The Matrix Conspiracy 3) Dream Yoga 4) James Cameron´s movie Avatar 5) Confabulation 6) On arranging philosophical counseling and cafés with me in Second Life. 

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The Sokal Hoax

The Sokal Hoax, also known as the Sokal Affair, was a publishing hoax perpetrated by Alan Sokal, a physics professor at New York University. The hoax was a so-called hoax of exposure. Hoaxes of exposure are semi-comical or private sting operations. They usually encourage people to act foolishly or credulously by falling for patent nonsense that the hoaxer deliberately presents as reality.

The Sokal Hoax was a pseudoscientific experiment to test the standards of scholarship and intellectual responsibility within the postmodern intellectualism.

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Spiritual crises as the cause of paranormal phenomena

Spiritual crises are not due to mental disease, but are manifestations of time and its more collective images; that is: the collective history of the astral plane. These manifestations are often accompanied by some deep and powerful energies (or forms of energy), which penetrate the whole of your being. And this can, in the meeting with the painbody (the thought´s negative energyfield in the body), be heavy filled with suffering. Therefore such crises often in the psychiatric system are misdiagnosed as mental disease, due to a lack of knowledge about, or rejection of, such forms of energy. This often makes the crisis even worse.

Based on the examinations of Stanislav Grof, as well as my own experiences, I will in this article give a description of different kinds of spiritual crises, their symptoms, and how they are connected with the experience of paranormal phenomena

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Paranormal phenomena seen in connection with spiritual practice

To begin a spiritual practice is to begin a proces of awakening. In Zen it is for example said about the process of awakening: ”In the beginning mountains are mountains, and woods are woods. Then mountains no longer are mountains and woods are no longer woods. Finally mountains are again mountains, woods are again woods.”

This refers to the three forms of states the wholeness can be in: sleep, dream, awake. The three states of spiritual awakening - sleep, dream, awake – can again be described as the personal, collective and universal time (or history).

The collective time is a very dangerous intermediate area, if you are not very trained in realization and compassion. The collective time is the area where different kinds of paranormal (philosophical/religious) phenomena are beginning to occur in your daily life.

It is especially the lack of understanding this area, that is due to my critique of the many incompetent spiritual teachers you see today in the New Age movement.

This article shows a map of the spiritual awakening process.

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Suffering as an entrance to the Source

If you practice spiritual during a state of suffering, then the state can have a healing and transformational value, which can give your spiritual development a considerable lift upwards. In this article I show different kinds of existential suffering, and why it is valuable to have a religion as a frame of reference when practising spiritual in states of suffering. 

Related pop culture file: The Passion of the Christ.

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The fascism of Theosophy

Theosophical society is a religious movement founded in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Harry Steel Olcott and William Q. Judge. The movement was among the first, which introduced Indian philosophy and religion to the West. Theosophy is without comparison the religion, which has inspired most new religions and movements, as many hundred movements, in some shade, draw on fundamental ideas of Theosophy. Its teaching unites Indian key concepts, as for instance reincarnation and karma, the idea of spiritual masters (called avatars), who pass on insight and realization to humans, and finally Neoplatonic inspired ideas about, that the divine principle emanates in the world and in humans, and that Man can be a part of the divine through realization and insight.

In this article I focus on how Theosophy also is the first attempt of synthesizing spirituality and science. Theosophy is especially inspired by Darwinism, and its theories about human evolution. In this synthesis it attempts to predict the future “spiritual” evolution of Man, often connected with eugenics: the applied “science” or the bio-social movement (Social Darwinism) which advocates the use of practises aimed at improving the genetic composition of people, usually referring to human populations. I show how this ends up in direct Fascistic ideas. 

You can find updates to this article in The Matrix Dictionary.

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The Curse of the Internet Troll

In internet slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion, often for the troll's amusement.

In this article I show that the concept of an internet troll, is caused by the rise of subjectivism and relativism, where the advocates won´t use logical reasoning, but are trying to silence people through mumbo-jumbo and condescension. Anything goes (= the tendency to that objective dialogue more and more is being replaced by a subjective, coarse debate culture).

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The Confabulation of Trump

The tendency to connect things and create plausible narratives out of partially fictious items is called Confabulation. A confabulation is a fantasy that has unconsciously replaced events in memory. A confabulation may be based partly on fact or be a complete construction of the imagination.

In our time with the spreading of subjectivism and relativism - and therefore Magical thinking - we are seeing how Confabulation somehow gets a justification. There is in fact - as I claim in my concept of The Matrix Conspiracy - a New World Order emerging: the world of Alternative History, Alternative Physics, Alternative Medicine and, ultimately, Alternative Reality.

That my concept of The Matrix Conspiracy is correct, is today especially emphasized by the election of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump. In this article I show how. 

You can find updates and commentaries to this article in The Matrix Dictionary.

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Spiritual Vampires

People whose lives center on destroying other people's lives by disempowering them, who reduce their victims to dependent subjects to be lorded over, have been called spiritual vampires. Some of the therapists, ministers and gurus I've written about elsewhere in my articles and books could be called spiritual vampires, very aptly. In this article I try to describe the philosophical mechanisms under the thoughts, that create a spiritual vampire.

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A critique of Ken Wilber and his integral method

Ken Wilber has sought to bring together the world´s far-ranging spiritual teachings, philosophies, and scientific truths into one coherent and all-embracing vision. In this article I show how Ken Wilber´s integral method belongs to a group of large New Age systems, which have emerged in the wake of Theosophy, and which therefore exposes totalitarian and fascistic tendencies. 

(In the Matrix Dictionary you can follow updates and commentaries to this article - click here).

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Time travel and the fascism of The WingMakers Project

Note! My Pop Culture File on Star Wars is a direct follow-up to this article.

The WingMakers Project is a mythology, which wants something – a fantastic synthesis of science fiction, ufology, parapsychology, theosophy and conspiracy theory. In this article I show how it belongs to a group of large New Age systems, which have emerged in the wake of Theosophy, and which therefore exposes totalitarian and fascistic tendencies.

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Note! The people behind the WingMakers website have a couple of times changed the concept of the WingMakers. It seems like they are doing this in order to avoid critique, or to keep on producing new sales articles. In 2014 they have changed the concept, and the website, once more. The original concept is now one book (The Ancient Arrow Project), among others - or you might say: one interpretation of truth, among others. 

I have uploaded a free PDF Version of the WingMakers own original introduction, when this book was the whole content of the website - click here. I have also uploaded a free PDF Version of the book The Ancient Arrow Project - click here. Furthermore The Five Interviews of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, which are an extension of The Ancient Arrow Project novel - click here. Finally The Fifth Interview in a new version - click here 

The new version of The Fifth Interview is again an example of how the creators of the WingMakers Project are trying to avoid critique. The interview is about breaking out of the illusion we all are living in (The Hologram of Deception), while the whole WingMakers Project at the same time is creating a big illusion (the WingMakers mythology), which the creators say is "fact wrapped in fiction otherwise known as myth". This myth should then be reality.

Besides that you don´t help people getting out of an illusion by telling a myth which gets the line between fact and fiction blurry and obscured, then another, more sinister aspect of how we can free ourselves from The Hologram of Deception, is the exercises you have to do, which are called The Quantum Pause.

When you use meditative exercises in combination with the introduction of a mythology (world-view, ideology) the exercises will work as a kind of hypnosis, where the mythology is implanted into the meditator, whose critical faculties now are shut down. I have explained such ideological persuasion techniques in my articles Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and the Art of Self-deception, and especially in The Devastating New Age Turn Within Psychotherapy

I have made these uploads because it is this information my article is based on. But the critique in the article is still valid, since the message of The WingMakers is the same: there is a spiritual hierarchy (the WingMakers as the superior spiritual essence of humanitity) which James Mahu, a real existing channeler, are channeling, and who therefore is the creator of the whole content of the website. The website is making a great number out of making James Mahu a totally anonymous person, and how positive this is, while the fact is that it is a trick that makes, for example Mark Hempel - the website´s webmaster, and the person who answers peoples´ mail - completely free of responsibility for answering critique. Besides that the argument of anonymity is making the concept of James Mahu a bigger postulate, and therefore excuse, there is the problem of believing what channelers are saying - see my article Paranormal Phenomena Seen in Connection with Channeling

Therefore you also hear the continuing claim that the content of the website is a mix of fact and fiction. And therefore all the problems of pseudohistory, pseudoscience, quantum mysticism, reductionism, evolution, genetics, spirit, hierarchy, and consequently fascism - which I have described in my article - persist to characterize the website.

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