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This blog is meant to function as a kind of future online library, where you can study and download my complete work for free.

In order to ensure that my work is preserved for free use in the future, I´m in progress of linking all texts from my website to this blog. So, besides the shorter blog posts, this blog will also be a place where you can find my entire work, also the longer articles, booklets and books. The longer texts will be introduced, and supplied with links to both my website (where you still can read them online) and to the Internet Archive, where you can download the texts in free PDF versions (on the Internet Archive, you can also listen to them). Note that all this still is an ongoing progress.

In the following I will give an introduction to this text-work with links (if you are interested in further reading on the topics I mention).

The work is a defence of philosophy, and should be categorized as philosophy. We live in a world which is ruled by the ideology of scientism, both in atheist and spiritual versions (Atheist fundamentalism and New Age). We therefore witness how philosophy is under attack. I have termed this ideology The Matrix Conspiracy.

Despite how little this aspect of critical thinking fills in my teaching and life as a vagabond, this is the aspect which has gathered most awareness and outrage, especially in New Age, where there seems to rule a commandment: Thou Shalt Not Criticize!!! 

I will therefore emphasize that my work doesn´t follow the illusory standards of scientism (the illusion of neutrality), whether we talk about scientism within the natural sciences or the human sciences. Any attempt of a scientistic evaluation under the standards of science (academical principles), would be a misunderstanding from the very beginning. Philosophy is never neutral, and neutrality is the illusion of how scientism tries to claim "truth by authority" to different kinds of ideologies, instead of argumentation (which is much more demanding). 

The work is my own subjective thoughts about the Wholeness (man, society, nature, and spirituality), but it follows the standards of philosophy, namely logic and rational argumentation. I therefore expect critics to follow the same standards. A critic is not a neutral truth-authority, but an opponent with another philosophy. We are talking about mutual respect. And we are talking about freedom of speech.

What especially characterizes the work, is that I try to bring philosophy back to its pre-modern origins, where philosophy is considered to be a spirital practice with a spiritual purpose. Furthermore: it is a defence of the original wisdom traditions against the colonialism of New Age (an American ideology), and its contempt for tradition, preparatory work and experiences with such (so, I´m not "criticizing everything else", as critics often are claiming, unless you believe that American New Age spirituality is "everything else").

Original wisdom traditions include Gnosticism and Mysticism within the early and medieval Christianity, Sufism in Islam, Hasidism and Kabbalah in Judaism, Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism, Zen and Dzogchen in Buddhism. In China you´ll find Taoism. But even older are Shamanism and Paganism; religious practices which I under one call the old religion and the old art. 

Note that many of the texts are quite long articles/booklets written for study and thinking! They are not suitable for quick overviews and judgment. However, each text comes in a PDF version (on my website they can be found in the right sidebar, or in the end of the text), and I suggest that you either print them or use an Ipad or Ebook reader suitable for PDF.

Under my books you can find a site navigation to the most relevant articles and updates in relation to my complete work. And by reading the book descriptions you can get a quick overview over the written work, which started in 2008. 

My main philosophical schools: Platonism, Vedanta, and the Traditionalist School.

In my Ebook Philosophical Counseling with Tolkien you can find a summary of my complete philosophy. 

New articles will be written on this blog. I will focus on Nordic Shamanism and Forest Therapy, as well as Philosophy and Popular Culture. Click here for the blog archive.


Ancient Hellenic and modern European ’philosophy’ have nothing in common but the name. Ch. C. Evangeliou therefore contents the uncritical assumption that ancient Hellenic philosophy is the origin of Western or European ‘philosophy’, arguing instead that the Socratic tradition, to which Plato and Aristotle belong, has more affinity with the Egyptian wisdom and the ‘remote philosophies of India and China’.

Algis Uzdavinys, Philosophy and Theurgy in Late Antiquity 


They (shamans) are pre-eminently the anti-demonic champions; they combat not only demons and disease, but also the black magicians.

Mircea Eliade, Shamanism - Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy

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